Repairs and Upgrades

Will’s Computer Services offers a range of repair, service and upgrade options. All of these services are offered as either an in home service or a collection and redelivery which is normally fully completed within 36 hours. This is usually determined upon diagnosis depending on the seriousness of the problem and the estimated length of repair. Don’t forget to look at our New Systems section of the website if you are looking to replace your existing computer system. I haven’t included all of my services on the site, just the most popular so if you cannot see what your looking for please give me a ring.


Virus, Malware and Spyware Removal

Virus, Malware and Spyware causes system sluggishness, crashes and freezing, unordinary behavior of the system and inappropriate material appearing from nowhere  It can also allow third parties to information you are submitting via the internet. For this our removal service is comprehensive, I also offer advice, and if required install software that can keep your computer protected in the future. From £20


Email Set up or Repair

Having issues with your email? Lost your password? Want your emails to come into your computer rather than logging onto webmail? Cant seem to get past security questions? Cant send email? I can help you with all of these things with on site service starting from £20. Please call for more information.


Whatever your problem, if it is related to a PC I can assist. If you’re getting system freezes and blue screens or your computer just won’t switch on I can fix it. Please call for a quote. From £20banner2-1024x113

Service and Clean

If your computer is used often it is likely to accumulate software items that will slow it down. A clean up of your system files, removal of any unneeded programs and a health check will get things moving quicker again. I will also check the system protection software to ensure that it is functioning correctly. Prices from £20


Internet Setup

Have you recently signed up to a new Broadband account and are having no joy in establishing a connection or any sense from the Broadband provider? Let us lend you a hand, I can liaise with the provider and get the connection secured, saving you the stress of spending hours on the phone dealing with jargon. From £20


Restoration of Computer to a “As New State”

A restoration of a computer system to a new state is a quick fix for most operating system software and driver related issues. This is ideal if you do not store any personal information on your machine that you need saving. If you have software or data to save, please see “Operating System Refurbishment” below. Computer restoration to new from £40.

Operating System Refurbishment

A system refurbishment will include a full back up of your data and software licences, and a complete wipe of the computers hard disk memory and a re installation of the operating system and software. When completed the computer will have the “As New” effect and if not done for a while, will have a massive effect of the speed and reliability of the machine. Operating software refurbishment from £65 please call for more details.


Networking and Wireless

Want to print wirelessly from your couch? Access your videos stored on your media device from your bedroom? I can setup wireless and wired networks in your home so that internet access is available throughout it. I also offer a no fix no fee diagnosis and repair service for existing networks. Prices vary upon existing equipment and or requirements. From £20 please call for more details.


Laptop Screen Repairs

Have you cracked or damaged your laptop screen? I can replace your existing screen within its housing. Please call for a quote. When calling, please have laptop make and model available if possible. From £65.

Laptop Power Jack Repairs

Is your charger loose and or sometimes won’t charge? I can either replace the jack and connector or re solder loose connections depending on how bad it is. From £35


Data Backup

I can help you backup all of your documents, pictures, music and videos. It is important to have more than one location for all of your personal files. Your internal computer hard drive can become corrupted at any time, this could be simply because of age, electrical surge, fire or other acts of god, If your disk does fail you will lose all of your favourite photos and important documents. I offer the following methods of backing up your data;

Data can be backed up to an internet server, independently operated from Will’s Computer Services, this makes your files accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. From £20

Data can be backed up to an external device including CD’s, DVD’s, USB drives and external hard disks, all of which are available through my service. You are then left with the data in whichever form you choose. From £20



I can upgrade your existing computer system with that anything that is required, this could be a media card so you can watch digital TV, a graphics card to play the latest games, an additional hard drive for extra space or some more memory to help speed up the system. I offer very competitive rates on parts and installations, please call for the latest prices.